The Numerology-guide is designed and written by Annet Kofoed(born 8. juli 1947),



Annet Kofoed

Annet Kofoed was trained as a numerologist in Australien, and is today the leading Danish numerologist. Annet Kofoed has written 5 books on the subject, and has since 1985 worked as a numerological consultant and lecture. Annet Kofoed has also starred in numerous Danish telvision programs and has has more than 100 published articles behind he. In these media, Annet Kofoed has very accurately predicted the winners in various sports, and political ups and downs.


What will you find in the app?

This program provides knowledge of numerology, which is the study of numbers and the impact on our lives, and how we use that energy every day, everybody.



Online Numerology chart.

Get calculated the energies in your numerology chart.  Here and now.
Your here and now numerology chart is calculated immediately and received directly in your app. Only on Android, or





The rhythem of years

Learn about the rhythms in your life.

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Read about: numerology, where it comes from and why it has always been here.

Read about: your own birth number, which is the day you are born on, and only the day, month and year needed for other things.

Read about: relationships, which numbers are more harmonious together than others, and what you do against and for each other, and how we must learn to live with and use the energies in the numbers.

Read about: coincidences in history, numerological. French history, Kennedy's story.

Read about: well known and famous personalities, royalty, authors, athletes, singers, actors, presidents and other charismatic individuals; see their birth number, which day they are born on.

Read about: explanation on what a numerology chart is, and why it excist, and how to read it.

Read about: an online numerology chart, which is your numerology chart, as it looks right now, with the names you have now.

Read about: The year 2014.

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